Last training of 2014



Happy New Years!


One of the most important things I learned the last few months is how important it is to put me first. It is so simple yet such a difficult thing to do! Once I grasped the concept of putting me first it has made a difference in my life. I feel calmer and more at peace, I don’t feel stressed or find myself trying to keep up. I am learning to accept me and I am noticing that being simple and peaceful is how I like me the best. It is so wild because things in my life are starting to fall into place and finally the puzzle of my life is almost complete.

The last workout of 2014 proved to myself that I am getting stronger. I noticed today as I was training that I tend to be conservative with the weight and don’t trust myself to fail. Failing is something that I have done so much that I feel like I am afraid to let myself do it in as simple of environment as the gym. Today I nudged at the failing door but didn’t completely push it hard enough to totally break it down.

A. AMRAP DB Russian Step up in 5 minutes
Note: I just realized I didn’t read it close enough and only did the DB step up. I used the jerk blocks, 25# in each hand and did 56 of them.

B1. BB Strict Press @10×2; 4-6 x 4; r30s
B2. Grav Pull Up @30×1; 4-6 x 4; r60s
B1. 45×6, 50×6, 55×5, 60×2+2 The last one I couldn’t get it up for 4 in a row. I had to split them, I think I camped out to long at the bottom and didn’t have it in me as a true strict to do 4 at that weight.
B2. 225×5, 210×5, 195×2, 210×4 I thought for sure I could do 195 for 4, I failed. I made a dent in my failure wall today, being okay with failing.

C1. SA DB Torso Row 6/Arm x 4; r30s
C2. Grav Dip @20×1; 4-6 x 4; r60s
C1. I liked these a lot, I made a nice progression 25, 30, 35, 35.I was pushing energy on this last cluster. I actually took about a 7 minute break between B and C.
C2. 225×5, 210×5, 194×4, 195×4. It was a push getting those 4, I made a lot of grunting noises in the gym on those puppies.

After this today I had nothing left in the tank. I am still feeling tired from the trip, I had a couple tubes of blood drawn an hour before, and just wasn’t feeling super great. But, I did find a condo that I will be moving into for the last time. It is my new permanent home! Back to stairs inside, should be fun to move into..LOL!

Have a safe and happy new years! I am off to start my normal nighttime routine and then off to bed about 9:30.

What’s your favorite quote?!


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