Day 1 of 365

Tranquility and Sparkle


There is just something about the desert which is so peaceful and calming to me. Today when I took the dog out I noticed the mountain behind my apartment had snow on it and a spark of energy shot through me like I was a little kid seeing it for the first time. I knew I would have to hike pretty far to see just the dusting, so I got in my car to explore.

About 30 minutes up the road I came to Tonto National Forest and wow, it was so beautiful. I found an off roading trail and set on my way for my walk. Every so often I would just stop and take noticing of the environment around me. The desert was so tranquil today with the sparkling snow making everything so much more beautiful. I tend to look down when I walk which is sometimes a good thing (I have found enough money in the last month to be able to bless others), I found a puddle of water that had a nice layer of ice on it. Thus the picture above. I ended up walking for about 45 minutes the terrain had some small inclines but it was just a nice trail. I am looking forward to going back again.

To me this picture is so peaceful and tranquil and simple. If I could freeze a feeling in time this picture would be able to do that for me. Looking at it makes my heart happy and makes everything fade away. I got some other great shots along the way. One day I will invest in a great camera with fancy lenses and all sorts of stuff. I love taking nature pictures! For now I am thankful for my iPhone 6 that takes great photos.

I hope you made the most of your first day of the new year!


Scottsdale Snow Day 1


Snowy Cactus


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