Yep, eggs makes a difference!



For the past two weeks roughly I have been eating three eggs for breakfast plus a protein shake which equates to about 35 grams of protein. Then I have been eating at least 12 oz of chicken between lunch and dinner. Today I saw the proof of eating more calories and more protein is making me stronger!


A. RDL @3211; 3-5 x5 r2M
85×5, 105×5, 145×5, 165×3, 175×3 (PR) I think I may have had one more setand may have been able to get up to 180.

B1. Incline DB CP; 5-7 x4 r30
20×7, 25×6, 30×5, 30×6. On set 3 I hung out at the bottom to long and wasn’t able to get it back up. I tried to work on my breathing here to help me as I got into the heavier weights.

B2. DB SA High Pull 8/A x 4 r30
Pattern follows again, 20, 25, 30, 30. These feel weird, I have quite a bit of momentum and I am wondering if I should be using a heavier weight.

B3. FLR 60s x4 r1M
Still from knees, 60, 60, 40+20, 30+30 The last set was rough.

C. Watt 5K for Time
My toe was bugging me, I just missed my goal by 19seconds. I got 10:19

Reflecting on today’s training I still tend to start to conservative with weight. The RDLs were a perfect example of how I still doubt myself somewhat and play it safe. I know in time I will get better at pushing myself harder. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have written the 85# set on the board and made that part of my warm-up set. One of these I want to see what my 1RM Dead Lift is.

Getting the PR today and seeing some gains in my strength with eating more calories and protein made me feel really good about myself! It is for sure a great way to start the year.


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