A girl and her dog

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They say a dog can very in tune with their owners and I would say this to be true of Rogue. He can sense I need to just get out, breathe, get some sun, and let all the worries go. He is very much in tune with my needs as I am with his needs and wants. He is my little shadow and buddy. Today we went to our usual spot, it follows the canal and has a great view of the mountains. I love to put in my “Sing out loud” country tunes and we have our own concert as we walk the path. Today we went up and down the hill and around the bend and back home.

When I out walking that is when I usually get my creative ideas. I picked up several flat rocks and a piece of wood to use to make an craft with. I am going to write my theme words for the year on them and then put them around a platter with candles and other rocks. That way I can look at them constantly and stay focused. It is the little things in life that really mean the most.



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