Tonight as I lay in bed I’m feeling muscles I haven’t used in awhile, day two is going to be beautiful. I had a working interview at a facility in town that takes a new spin on cardio by doing group classes that look similar to boot camp. While I love coaching/teaching this, it was a change to my normal individualized training. I enjoyed the partner work but I was beat after 40 minutes of a Tabata style class. I’ll keep doing my training-I like the independence.

Part of going into this year is going back to designing a plan and then making a visual reminder for the year. I’ve taken the word “strength” written it out and have built in benchmarks along the way. My first quarter benchmarks are:
Body: is to lose 15 pounds, get 20 scaled green band pull-ups, and be able to do 20 regular push-ups.
Mind: to have my OPEX Associate Coach Certificate
Spirit: to be involved in a weekly church group with consistent attendance.

Writing my benchmarks here helps me be accountable to myself and keeps my coach in-tune with my benchmarks as well. After I move into my condo I’m going to make four canvas posters as reminders of my benchmarks. The best thing I did last year was hang up positive phrases that I read daily-that’s what I’m going to do again.

Stronger each day!



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