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Learning to accept myself is the biggest challenge I can do to help myself. I know that once I can accept me for me then I can truly ask and expect others to accept me for who I am, good, bad, ugly, crazy, and wild. I can’t change what has happened to me, what I would love to take back, and I can’t change where I am..all I can do is put my full effort into making it better.

It’s been almost a year with my coach and I can say that I know I am not the easiest person, but I feel like he is truly understanding me and what I need as a client. While at time I want to run away from it all, he truly grounds me and challenges me to be better. I am not sure I would still be alive if I had not moved and gotten a fresh start, for that I am thankful to myself for taking the leap of faith to start over. The last few months before my birthday, I wanted to rehash the events that lead up to the destruction—but after sitting on it, it is the past and weather I am to blame or not it is done and we all stronger for it.


I didn’t get it…the events of yesterday didn’t get me into OPEX and so my plan that was written on the board disappeared overnight. I am a work in progress. So, this is what I did:

A1. Snatch Grip RDL 8-10 x4
A2. DB Step Ups 8-10 x4
Notes: We’ve played around with different grips the last few weeks and I have to say these felt good, I felt strong doing them. A1: 85×10, 95×10, 100×9, 105×9. A2. I concentrated on using the leg to get me up and not pushing off with the back leg. I used the jerk block. I did the same weight; 25# and did 10, 10, 8, 8. I felt like I had dinosaur arms at the end, my grip was fried.

B1. Strict Press x3
B2. Grav. Pull-ups x3
B3. Grav Dips x3
Notes: B1: 55×5, 65×4, 70×3–these felt like they might have looked bad, feels like I am sticking my belly out and swaying my back some. B2: 225×5, 210×5, 195×3. B3: 210×3, 210×4, 195×3. I noticed I am getting to a point on the Grav that I can use the same weight for pull-ups and dips.

C1 Bicep Curls x3
C2 Cable Press x3
Notes: I stuck with 20# for the curls, my arms were feeling the love they got in this session today; I did 4, 6, 7. The cable press was pretty cool, it was my first time using it. I went: 20×7, 25×7, 30×5.

3 Minute RDL
Notes: I think I need to start working towards doing a regular FLR and not on my knees still. I was able to do the whole 3 minutes with just a few 1-2sec push back breaks. I am thinking the next step up from knees would be one straight leg back.
RTW 15 Minutes Easy
Assault Bike
Watt Bike
Ski Erg


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