Let’s do that workout everyday..lol! Today brought my sarcasm out in full force..a pacing piece. So I probably should have done my first one as a warm up because it was about 10 seconds slower then the rest. I ended up doing 9 all together, all within 0:05 of each other.

Watt Bike 2k, rest 1:1
Warm up: 4:30
– 4:25
– 4:23
– 4:20
– 4:21
– 4:21
– 4:20
– 4:20
– 4:23

This is probably the closest I’ve been as far as pacing, I tried to keep it about 61/m. I tend to fly out of the gate and then fall into my pace. I know I need to do the same for tomorrow for the rowing.

I’m a little sore in my hips low back and so I went to see Doc Jeff for some needling. He told me all my RDL’s need to be off the boxes for awhile. It didn’t hurt on the left side until this afternoon. I’m really anxious about tomorrow’s row competition. It’s a lot of meters and no rest. I’m just going to pace it this time. 😊


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