Mental Fight




The past day and a half I have been having a mental fight with my self in regards to week 3 online rowing competition. It never fails that my self doubters come alive when competitions get hard. I know deep down that I am a strong rower and my times though this competition have proven so, but throwing in some high intensity and no breaks I was freaking out!

After speaking with my coach he guided me in a strategy to use for the competition and then I just tried my best to visualize it. I didn’t get the best sleep I could because I was too stinky busy thinking and thinking about it that I kept waking up, plus I was totally stuffed up when I went to bed so that kept me up some too. The brain is  complicated and it can be the biggest or smallest task that you stir up in there.

Today going in to the row I tired to keep all the variables the same as I would for any sort of competition. I didn’t want to change much this week. I did change eating 3 eggs and some avocado before though because last week I felt like I was going to throw up each pull I took towards the end. So, this time just my green tea/unsweetened lemonade and some Melaleuca Sustain. After warming up I got all set up and started in to it  and knew my pace was too fast and I was going to not be able to maintain it 1:45/500. So I stopped, walked around a little, got refocused and started again!

All said and done, even though not all the scores are in I have gone from 131st place to 23rd place. That speaks volumes to me about my ability and my coaches programming are working and I just need to keep fighting and putting my best foot forward everyday. Even though I had to use a little peppermint oil to open up my nose/lungs…I still did very well and for that I am well pleased!


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