Trap Door

Yesterday I had a new element added to my programming; Trap Door Deadlifts. I stopped looking ahead when I get my programming till the day before or the day of, it’s a mental thing for me. Immediately I go tromping off to Google to find out what I’ll be doing do I don’t look like a total dork.

I found this explanation on;
Experienced powerlifters aside, I want lifters to deadlift with a neutral spine or flat back. One of the biggest issues we see when deadlifting is that many lifters don’t have adequate mobility to deadlift safely and effectively because they can’t get into an initial neutral spine posture.

For this reason, coupled with the fact that very few people can hip hinge and load their hamstrings effectively, we start most clients off with a Romanian deadlift.

From there, the trap bar deadlift is an ideal progression. The high handles minimize mobility demands while still allowing the lifter to learn the deadlifting pattern within their functional range.


A1. Trap bar DL; 6-8 x 3; rest 1 min
140×6, 160×6, 170×6.

A2. Single leg russian step up; 6-8/leg x 3; rest 1 min Started with 20″ box and started loosing balance- 6/leg, then switched to jerk block and did the other two sets at 8/L.

B1. Press @10X2; 6-8 x 4; rest 1 min
Did push-press and not strict press…wasn’t thinking. 55×7, 75×7, 85×6, 90×4. Crushed my 1RM PR of 70# here.

B2. FLR x 60 sec; rest 2 min knees and feet up and not down, what’s the next progression for regular FLRs?

C1. Wtd. dip @30X1; 6-8 x 4; rest 1 min
I did Gravatron Dips, I assumed that’s what you meant. 210×6 for all 4.

C2. Tricep kickdowns w/rope; 8-10 x 4; rest 1 min 30×8, 40×10, 50×10, 60×9

C3. Cable curl @ $0X1; 6-8/arm x 4; rest 1 min Used rope to pull up. It would be great if we had a short bar to do the curls with.
30×8, 40×8, 50×7, 50×6

D. FT: 100 sit ups
I started into these and where they hit on my lower back it was incredibly painful. I only did 50 and that took 2:40. It seems the week before my cycle my lower back is super sore. I’ll try again next week so put them in okay.
EASY bike 10-15 min
Watt Bike 15m

As I continue to work on my consistency and working through the soreness I find that I really do make gains. Being consistent with food and sleep are two of my biggest struggles. But, day by day, breathe by breathe I’m able to push through and do it. Now I just have to focus on each day and not get carried away in sabotaging myself or the “what ifs”.


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