Finally Clicking

It seems lately that things are finally starting to click with me. I’m pretty sure my sugar levels are starting to even out because I don’t have the highs and lows that I used to feel. For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling pretty balanced although my head has been a little foggy. I find myself forgetting things more often and not doing things on time, I believe this could be a combination of my ADD and my thyroid.

Before I started into today’s workout I am getting better about my warm up routine although I still get a little spacey and don’t always hit all the things I should. I found a quiet little corner and did my hip exercises that I don’t like because they are so challenging for me, but my hips do feel and move better when incorporate them in like today.


A1. Trap bar DL; 5-7 x 3; rest 1 min – KEEP this light: 100×7, 105×6, 110×6
A2. Slam ball glute bridge; 12-15 x 3; rest 1 min Used 20# ball went 15, 14, 12

B1. Press @10X2; 5-7 x 4; rest 1 min
55×7, 60×6, 62.5×5
B2. Side plank x 30 sec/side; rest 1 min
Knees and straight arm, I tried to add straight top leg too,

C1. Gravtiron pull up; 10-12 x 3; rest 1 min
240×10 for all 3
C2. Tricep rope push downs; 10-12 x 3; rest 1 min: 35×12, 40×11, 45×10…these suckers are burners!
C3. FW x 50m; rest 1 min: 1 Pood each hand for all 3.
C4. Cable curl @ 30X1; 6-8/arm x 4; rest 1 min 30×6/A, 35×6/A had to assist L arm for last two, 30×6/A

D. Amrap 5 min:
20 sit ups, sub 20s FLR per Dr. sit ups
10 lunges
Did 4 rounds..was pretty proud of myself here, found the last bit of energy to push hard through the end
EASY bike 10-15 min
15 minutes Watt, 5600m

I’ve been finding it difficult to find a job working in the fitness industry with no experience. So I have a couple of friends who have had great success with being BeachBody I signed up! BeachBody combines programs like P90X, Insanity, and other home based fitness programs for all levels with Shakeology and sound nutrition. I love helping people and this will be a great avenue for me to do it! While I still persue my OPEX Associate Coach certificate, this will be something that aligns with my values.

In Strength-



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