Thick Thighs

Ever since I can remember I have always been that girl with thick thighs. The one in PE class that always came in from running the mile by the time the class was almost over.  Even when I was thinner I always had thick thighs. I’d have to buy my pants 1-2 sizes bigger to fit my thighs and butt because I was really a big girl from an early age. When I was in 5th grade I was taller than my teacher let alone every student in the school. But thighs aside it has always been a sore spot for me. My family to this day still calls me “thunder thighs”.

These days my thighs are looking a little less fluffy and a little more solid and I am loving my thick thighs. On some levels I feel like I have a little bit of an advantage of having thick thighs; because one I loose more of the fluff they are going to be solid drumsticks. More and more I am noticing less dimples and more solidity.

Training all x3, R1M

A1: Trap DL (light);4-6 : 100×6, 105×6, 115×6. With a proper warm-up these felt better and even the rig doesn’t feel as heavy anymore.

A2: SL GB;6-8 : 7,8,8 per leg. I did them with my leg at a 90 degree angle instead of crossed over the top per Dr. Bearn.

B1: DB Press;6-8 : 22.5×6, 25×4 (it was silly of me to try to go up when I could only do 6, but wanted to try). 22.5×6.

B2: S.Plank still modified with straight arm and 1 arm out, it was harder getting through the 45s unbroken towards the end. The right side is much easier than the left.

C1: Grav Dip 8-10 : Did 210 for 8 each set. 210 was tough for me but I noticed using my breathing more effectively helped me to get through them.

C2: Tri Rope 10-12 : 50×12, 60×10, 60×10. Haha, I had an Ahh haa moment on these. Three weeks ago or so when we started them I could do like 35 pounds and now I am up to 60 pounds. Getting stronger!

C3: DB FR Carry 30M. Did Double 35# KB each time. I had to set them on the jerk blocks to get them up into the racked position before round 3.

C4: Cable Curl 5-7/A  @30×1.: 35×7, 40×5, 40×5 each per arm. That tempo was a burner at the end, I had to take an extra second or two to get through it.

D: Dead Bugs 8-10. I remember when these were so hard for me. I know with all the work I have been doing with Dr. Jeff, that doing 10 and resting a minute was a cake walk.

Watt 15m, 5703


As I continue to be consistent I am seeing some nice strength gains. The light things are starting to feel extra light and I am finally seeing some physical growth in strength too. While my thyroid still is a thorn in my side, the sleep pattern is making a huge change for me.

Saturday I will do Fridays workout!

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