Oil pack 

Day two was a little harder than day one, I found myself eating a little bit extra vegetables and more water to fill me up. Although my body feels like it’s healing from aches and pains. I miss my energy levels..walking to the pool and laying out in the sun for an hour pretty much wiped me out.

Ending the day with an oil pack. Clinical evidence now confirms that castor oil packs improve eliminations, assimilations, lymphatic circulation, and even the production of certain T-cells. If your body absorbs nutrients, eliminates wastes, filters toxins, and bolsters the immune system more effectively; you are going to be a healthier person overall. Think about it. You may even be preventing chronic disease. –http://www.angelhealingcenter.com/CastorOil.html

I’m hoping the clonic will help with the constipation. You’d think after as much liquid and fiber I’d be able to go, but it is not a fun feeling. From what I read clonics also have healing power, your emotions are tied to your colon. 

I’m learning so much on this journey..


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