First day post detox 

Going into the detox I really had a positive outlook on it, I’m pretty sure that is what allowed me to push through the suckiness. Besides basically being in starvation mode, not having energy, and missing training I had a few positives that came from it. I rekindled my love of vegetables again and learned to like a variety of others. Who knew veggies in juice tasted so yummy, minus beats..they just taste like ground up dirt to me. 

Today I started adding significant chunks of protein back into my diet, so far so good. The first couple of days post detox I only slowly added new foods in, didn’t want to shock my system. My sugar cravings have significantly dwindled, I haven’t had any since the detox. I’m learning how to flavor foods and water with essential oils too to assist in satisfaction.


Today was the first day back post detox. I was sweating after a 15 minute light AB and my short warm-up. I kept everything light today, it’s fun to see my new light is my old heavy. 😊💪

A. BS @22X1; 6-8 x 3; rest 3 min
75×8, 80×8, 82.5×8
B. Double DB RDL @30X0; 6-8 x 3; rest 2 min
30×8, 30×8, 30×6
C. 2 sets – Side plank x 90 sec/side; rest 1 min
Feeling stronger on these, I think it’s time to go down to elbow on the ground instead of arm straight.
D. EZ bar bicep curl @30X0; 6-8 x 4; rest 2 min
30×8, 30×8, 40×6, 30×7
Harder than I thought these were going to be. The grip felt strange, 40 was super heavy barely got 6 at tempo. 

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