Spring 2015

Yahoo! Welcome Spring!! Today was the last day of light after deload and detox week. I am looking forward to getting into a cycle of gaining muscle. Due to my hormone imbalances I was put onto testosterone, I am really excited to see how that is going to aid in my journey. The detox healed my body temperature issues I was having. I still get a little cool, but I defiantly feel my body heating up faster and I feel pretty good as I continue to eat a little bit lower protein and higher calories. I am slowly getting used to reversing my eating patterns; eat like a Queen in the morning and eat only about 15g of protein at night and all meals eaten as close to 5:30PM as possible.


A. FS @20×1; 6-8 x3 R3M
75×8, 80×7, 85×7

B. Grav Dip; 6-8 x3 R90s
240×8, 225×7, 225×6. These felt heavy today and the last set was tough, had to really fight for the last one.

C. Prone row; 6-8 x 3 R90s
65×8, 70×7, 75×7. I was surprised at how good these felt, I hadn’t done them in a long time. It would be neat to see the progress on them.

50m FW 1 Pood/hand
30s FLR
I was super happy with this, I am pretty sure I knocked some time off of this time too.

I am continuing to push through with life choices and meeting my benchmarks. My Body one for March 31st is 5 green band pull-ups. Then I am trying my best to get my OPEX Associate Coach certificate done–trying to find people to assess, that is the only thing that is holding me up from having them done.

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