Mysterious Safety Bar….


The last few weeks I have started using more than just your normal barbell in the gym. From the Trap-Bar to the Safety Bar they each have their own unique purpose. The purpose of the safety bar from what I looked up is for strengthening your lower body and back. At first it felt a little uncomfortable, but after a few warm-up and building reps I took a liking to it. The mysterious question is what is the exact weight of the bar?! Asking around I got a goblet of answers, so I googled it and found out it weights 65#s. It was suggested I weigh myself and then weigh myself with the bar to find out the true answer, but I really just wanted to dig into my workout.


A. Safety Bar BS @21×1; 6-8 x4 R2M

90×8, 100×8, 120×6, 135×6. On a few towards the end I got a little light headed, I didn’t have my breathing down right I caught myself holding my breath a few times while coming up out of the squat instead of breathing out through the move to the top.

B. Clean Grip RDL @21×1; 5-7 x4 R2M

95×7, 115×7, 135×6, 155×6

I have to remember to start heavier on these, I almost felt that I should do one more set at the end. Next time I do these–can you give me a starting weight to go with?!

C. FLR acc. 2M Always fun coach! (LOL)

D. SA Press @20×1; 6-8/A x4 R2M

I did these 22.5 x6/A for all 4 sets. I like the nugget of strength at the end. I tried to do 25 but I just can’t get it up there for all 6 for a true strict press.


30 push-ups. I did these from the 24 inch box. I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to do them on my knees or from the barbell, so I did them from the box. I found myself using my legs to push myself up instead of using my shoulders as much. Let me know which way you want me to do them.

It has been a week since I have been on the testosterone and the only things I am noticing at this point is my legs are starting to look a little less like cottage cheese and a little firmer. I am also noticing that I am hungry all the time–still keeping it clean and within the 1800 calorie range as Doc suggested. Since I am so deficient in testosterone is it possible my body could be using my fat as fuel when I am not training?!

For the past few months Rogue and I have finally fallen into a routine with eating and sleep. There are a few days I eat later, but it doesn’t seem to bother me too much as long as I don’t eat a high acidic food before bed. I am finding eating less protein in the evening is better for my system, I am not as tired as I used to be when I ate my big meal at night.


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