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One of the fun parts of being a brand ambassador for HumanX gear is trying out new products and sharing how I incorporate them into my workouts. For me my sport is life and health. In some arenas of the sport of CrossFit I am a beginner and in other areas I can excel, we all have our strengths and the areas we need to work on. My Tabata videos are based for a beginner who wants to work on strength and endurance.

The Tabata Kit is all you need to get started with your summer goals. The workouts you could do are endless! Before you get started I recommend you get an app that has the Tabata clock on it. I like the “Timers Pro” from the app store for the iPhone.



On the right it has the count-down and then you do 3-5 rounds. I like using this app for Tabata because then I don’t have to do the math on a regular digital clock and it allows me to use the rest to the best of my ability. It may seem easy at first, but it will get tough fast so make sure you pace yourself.




When doing ABMAT sit-ups you want the curved part of the mat lined up with about the top of your pant line. As you lie back to test the mat make sure it is supporting your lumbar area of your back as shown in the picture above.

In the video I did about 40 seconds to show you what the sit-ups should look like. I like to keep my knees bent as the picture shows above. But you could do straight leg or a butterfly legs open as you might already do in your box.

Bicep Curls

For my second Tabata I chose to do one of my favorites, Bicep Curls. Ladies…bicep curls are your friend! Besides helping you carry unending loads of groceries or your baby or a fur baby in my instance the biceps are where the strength is needed. Strength building is the primary goal of bicep curls and you will also improve your endurance capability of your arms. The Tabata with the bicep curls is going to get hard and it is going to stink, but you can do it…take deep breaths during your 10s breaks.

Here’s my snippet for you:

Be sure to visit HumanX Gear to get your Tabata kit today! You can also check out myself and the other X-Team members on the site.


Tabata isn’t always part of my regularly scheduled programming. My fitness program is written for my strengths/weaknesses and based around many factors. Who doesn’t love something that is personalized for them! I am an Exclusive Client at OPEX fitness; they offer remote coaching for all levels of athletes. From someone who just has fitness goals like myself to competitive CrossFitters. It is a great environment and my coach, Mike Lee has taught me so much about myself not just from a training stand-point but has taught me life balance as well. You can contact Erin Carter if you are interested in more information or how you can become a client too:



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