Challenge your limits

Even though we all do our own programming, I train at a facility with a lot of great athletes. It’s nice to get a little challenge and drive from on-site clients. Each day I’m learning to push the envelope on challenging myself. Today I took the last piece to a new level. I’m like a kid at Christmas and get super excited when I can do heavy movements I’ve never done before. 

Usually I’d type up my training but today here’s a snapshot of my workout. I should have started the BS a little heavier, at the end the clusters were tough. I like the cluster work. 

For B; I used KBs is that okay? 

D1: the 35 got nasty fast. It was pretty ugly, but no pain or anything. 

D2: I may have been able to do the DBL 106# KB but probably not the whole way without stopping.

I’m sore tonight and will sleep well, but it was a great day! I had a friend come over and help me purge and simply my life/condo as I transition to the loft. 


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