Something clicked this week which caused me to start pushing harder. Don’t get me wrong, I push hard but I haven’t been pushing the envelope on my strength building the past few months. I can’t explain the push but I’ll take it. I’m not being conservative with the weights I’m adding each set, I’m just going up and doing the movement without thinking about what the number says. 


A: Trapbar DL 8, 6, 4; I went 120, 140, 160. I recorded the movement because I wanted to see how my hips/knees were moving and it’s looking good. Also wanted to send it to Jeff so he could see progress.

B. DB step ups 6-8/L x4 ; I went dbl 35×8/L, 40×7/L, 45×6/L, 45×6/L. I shot my grip on these. I had a mental fight going on in my head, but this time I won and just went heavy without doubting myself. 

C. Grav Chin-Ups 6-8 x4; for the first three sets I did 210×6, the last set I did 240×6. 

I feel like I’m getting stronger and Im starting to notice a little difference in my muscles starting to pop out more–love it!! I know it’s a slow process but celebrating the small things  is what keeps me pressing forward. 


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