Hike Reflections

Hike reflections Thursday 

Saw bunnies
It’s nice when the trail is less crowded can hear birds singing 
Not thinking about how far I have to go to get to the top, just putting one foot in front of the other and taking frequent breaks. 
Easier without Rogue
Trying to use the fire in my legs to power through to the top. I go 20 steps and stop, determined to win this mental fight again 
Taking some deep breaths and clearing my head before I start again.
My mind is saying yes, my body is saying no. I’ve hiked a mile straight up its taken me an hour. 
Guess what it is progess…listening to my body knowing next time I’ll go a little further
I really need some trail shoes, I feel like I’m skiing down the hill
The sound of bees buzzing my head doesn’t make me squeal like a school girl anymore 
Glad I listened to my body and turned around my legs feel like they’re going to give out at any moment  
There’s something about a hike that makes words flow out of my head. 
The flowers are blooming more…


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