I watched a video that Dr. DiMartini put out on Highest Value today and it talked about when we live with our animal brain we lack focus, are impulsive, and let the busyness of the world get the best of us. Wow! Just what I needed to hear, sometimes life gets in the way for me and drags me out of my priorities and my things I value most. 

I sat down today and redid my values list because I wanted to see if my direction was changing. Not much has changed I just started jamming more things into my day that weren’t important and caused me to lose a little focus. Heck, I’ve got ADD, the fact that I’m living life off medicine for the first time in 33 years is pretty dang good! Sometimes staying focused is a little harder for me but when I find myself in left field all by myself I know it’s time to reflect and refocus and move forward. 

My top four are:

Working out OPEX 6

Helping others 6

Coaching life 5

Reading writing learning 5


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