So much for a great hike today; it was replaced with getting a crown on my tooth. This particular molar this will be my third crown on it, it’s crazy. Apparently my tooth sits a little weird and I have strong jaws so the combination of the two make it tough for porcelain crowns to sit. I joked with my dentist because even though he didn’t do the first two on that tooth I had already had two prior crowns this month; frequent dental club?!

I got a little unpacking done today, but I still have a ways to go. As I unpack I find myself throwing away stuff I don’t use. I tried to do that somewhat before I switched places but it didn’t happen. I have a lot of junk I just don’t see using or haven’t used in awhile. 

I always knew this but didn’t realize how important it was to my wellness; I crave natural light. At the home I was raised in the Central Valley of CA we had a lot of windows. The past few places I didn’t have much light, not the case now. I have over 12 windows in my place and I love the natural light..it makes me feel so good and so peaceful during the day. It’s also calming to sit up in my office and look out at the mountains–I find myself memorized by it.


View from my front patio 


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