Health progress

One thing I’ve learned through this process is that a slow and steady pace is the way to go. I’ve had times along the way that I did no protein, times of reduced protein, and now I’m up to 90g of protein again. The combination of testosterone and training is working. I’m feeling stronger, sleeping better, and progressing forward. My body temperature is back to functioning normal and my blood pressure as as close to perfect as it gets. While I still have Hoshimoto I am managing the symptoms with food and hormones instead of making my body dependent on thyroid medicines. 

As far as training goes, still doing heavy and short breaks three times a week. Instead of working out later in the day doc wants my workouts to be done in the morning. Then the other days when I’m not training I can do active lifestyle pieces like swimming, biking, and hiking. 

I still have days when I feel tired and blah, but they are fewer now. Plus I no longer need naps. I’ve gotten my body trained to go to bed with the moon and wake up with the sunrise. I’m thankful for the progress. The bonus is I don’t need to see doc every month, up to every 6-weeks now. 

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