Slidin’ Saturday!

As a kid I always loved sneaking and putting up the slip n slide on hot summer days. Or heading to a friends house to play on theirs. Today I went to Slide of the City in Fountain Hills. I enjoyed chatting with people in line and sliding down the hill was insanely fun!! 

While the weather was a little cool, the adrenaline you got from flying down the slide heated you up. Each time I learned how to go faster and faster which meant slowing down would be a chore. The first couple of times I went down without shoes and dragged my toes to slow down. The third time I ran someone over and had a pile-up and that slowed me down. The last time the volunteer pulled on my tube and I flipped over face first. 

It would have been nice to have a VIP only line and for a set number of people a “fast pass” fee would have rocked! All in all it was soooo much fun!! You got a great workout walking uphill to wait in line. The community aspect was a blast too. Everyone was so nice and it was just a great day. My lower back and legs are a little sore, I’m going to watch a movie and relax tonight. 

A few pictures from the event:




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