Learning Process 

Everything I do has some sort of a learning process and that is just part of my journey. As I learn more and more about my new training style, I’m learning what does it mean to get in/out and go heavy. Only a few months ago I started building my sets of back squats at 55 pounds, today was a turning point for me. I started my warm up at 85 pounds and then my first set was 135 pounds. Having my old high numbers become my new low numbers is exciting for me…progress is priceless.
My training today:

A: I started heavy and had more confidence than I have recently. I do much better when it’s just a small handful of our OPEX family there. I don’t think I loaded right for the 170, I didn’t take a big breath and then once I got down I wasn’t able to get back up again. Good news is my failed rep I was able to throw the bar back without letting it roll down my back. Then I went back to 155. Next time I will take my failed rep as a set in order to keep my reps between 6 -8. 

B. I worked on the grip that Michael Bann helped me with. I found myself needing a little more than 2 minutes rest on these. I again had a fail, I rested to long with the bar on rep 2 of 3 on the middle set.

C. I did all of them at 55 pounds and it was quite challenging.

I’m feeling pretty good energy wise, I’ve been finding good balance in my moods and life balance. A few times a week I go and have community dinners and then I’ve been spending time with a neighbor and trying to get back to dating. 😁


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