I never thought I’d fall for a military man again, but I’m on way way. I used to keep my phone on Do Not Disturb at night and now I have that smidge of hope I’ll get a phone call to say goodnight. We don’t talk everyday but the times we do talk makes my day and gives me a smile to last for days. 

He told me today he’s applying for a special secured line phone so we can talk while he’s at his undisclosed locations. As a teacher background checks don’t bother me, but at this level it’s a little scary and exciting at the same time. One thing that is different this time about this relationship or whatever our label may be is that there isn’t a stress factor. I’m able to be me cheesy, corny, and sweet me without worry. 

On the fitness front I hurt my knee getting out of a truck and so I did about 30 minutes of swimming in my clubhouse pool and I’m trying to get in with my PT. I am continually learning about the effects of life on my body. It’s a lifelong journey that is full of learning and growing. I do see the pattern so far though, my energy/recovery is rough through Wednesday/Thursday depending upon the daytime activities and the protein amounts. I’m still struggling a little to be at that 90/100g mark without eggs; they are my recent allergic discovery. 

In Strength-



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