Learning Process 

Day by day I’m learning when to go heavy and when I need to back off. Today I did a short warm up and then got right into it. 

A. I started my working sets for DL at 105 for 2, then 135 for 2, my first set of the session was 155 for 2. Looking back after I probably should have made that a working set as well. My progression was: 175×2, 195×2, 215×2. I still had more in the tank and kind of wanted to go on, but I stuck to the program. I was able to keep my total reps between 6-8.

B. I hadn’t done GM in awhile and while they didn’t bother me I the hips, my low back had something else to say. I really went heavy and probably too heavy for this movement. My progression was: 105×3, 125×3, 130×3. 

C. I can see my strength building on little things like the FLR. I feel stronger and it isn’t as grueling as they were a year ago. I did a combination of strict and on my knees. I tried to approach it as a Tabata; 10 seconds regular, 20 seconds on knees but with toes up off the ground. I also noticed I don’t sweat as hard on these now and my breathing is getting better. 

While I’m not done with my list yet for the cruise, a few of the things I hope to accomplish is finishing the books you recommended for me to read, I want to explore the myan ruins, go snorkeling, and just unplug mentally for a few days. I’m taking a camera so I have a place to take photos, I bought a new journal to start writing in and letting go of some of the things I’m still holding onto pieces of, and I’m bringing my meditation material. 

In Strength-


My video from today: http://youtu.be/TM3gNQ_UbyA


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