Training 5-11


Definitely had a case of the Mondays today. I’m getting better at getting in, going heavy, and pushing hard. I had a rough time getting going this morning. I still don’t have all my blackout curtains up yet and so Rogue things that 5:15 is a perfect time to get up in the morning. I knew getting out of bed today it was going to be a rough day. I was stuffed up, short of breath, and moving slow. Upon a brief dog walk I came home and went back to bed for the next few hours. 

I ate chicken, gluten-free waffles, and a grapefruit for breakfast and washed it down with a protein shake. It’s weird to have breakfast as my big meal, but I’m getting used to it. Then I laid back down for a few more hours and by 10am I was starting to feel human again. I got my Safeway food delivery, popped my pork shoulder into the crock pot, and headed to OPEX. 

Like I said I felt like a fish flopping on the counter gasping for air, but I knew in the end I’d feel better after my session. 

A: I struggled with 140, 145 as I was quickly running out of steam.

B: started at 65 pounds which is a step up. Two is the key here on these, I can feel I’m getting stronger, even better is seeing it in my numbers. 

C: 210×6 for all three sets. Toward the end I was breaking up the sets. I probably could have done all 6 with about 30 more second rests.

D: plank…some on my knees, some regular and just trying to push through it all at the end. 

I completed my first full piece out of my Stress Relieving Patterns Adult Coloring Book:



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