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While my back side may not look impressive to you, I’ve come a long way. Today when I was training I started tapping into some of that hidden strengths I’m still learning to unleash. I am definitely making strength gains in every aspect of my body. I put on a shirt that used to fit, yep doesn’t fit anymore way to tight in the shoulders. Today I caught myself just looking at the board and grinning after I recorded my scores-gotta celebrate the small stuff! 
A: I had a fail at 105 today. I originally went 95, 105 and the jump was too much. So then I went back down and built a little at a time. I didn’t do much upper body warm up as I should have done, just wanted to do a little and tackle it. 

B. I’m getting braver with adding weights–jumped a little to high to fast, but I sucked it up and powered through. 

C. I’m stuck at that 210, I’m wondering if I’m maybe dipping to low. My elbows are going to a 90 degree angle and at the end I had to break up the sets. 

D. Rx, haven’t seen those letters in a long time. I know I have to start somewhere-I still look and feel like a worm. It started to hurt my mid lower back so I did what I could.

E. This is where I saw the major jump in strength. It wasn’t just a month or so ago I did these and I was at 60 as my top number. Today that was my second step and still pretty easy; putting in hard work is paying off. 

F. Same thing here, I saw major jumps in strength. I think my high number a month or so ago was about 60 as well. 

Still needing areas I need to work on; upper body pushing/pulling. But I’m going forward and that is what’s important! 😊

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