While it’s always fun to play and train your strengths, in order to be balanced it’s important to train your weaknesses too. While I’ve had a great leap in strength, I’ve also had some challenges this week. Through the challenges, I pushed through and spent more time focusing on my weaknesses. 

I’m probably a dork, but I get excited with the muscle definition I’m starting to see in my upper body. A year ago my 1RM for CGBP was 70#, today I did two at 95 and that wasn’t my max. My back has been sore and so I tried to be a little more conservative. Plus on Wednesday, I had just did BP at 102.5 for two. 

Here’s a fun little video I made:

I only got through A & B today. I decided that while pushing through the soreness is okay, but having pain and pushing through is no beuno. About an hour later I had to go in for my bi-weekly B-Complex shot and my blood pressure and pulse were very high, my body is obviously under stress with the pain. I’m laying low and watching OPEX compete and laying on ice packs. 

I have some possible big changes in the works, hard to not get too excited! Don’t forget to work on your weakness, the best way to do that is by having a coach. Check out OPEXFit.com.

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