I find myself falling into some bad food habits again, not eating the wrong food but not eating enough food. I started my weekly cleaning and my fridge was full of protein I prepped for the week that went uneaten. I did eat this week, I made a lot of stops at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for lunches. 

So today as I lay low keeping ice on and off my back I’m going to read a book my coach Mike Lee at OPEX recommended. The book is called The Power of Habits. One thing about my coaching is that it encompasses my whole life. The lifestyle piece of coaching for me is just as valuable as the strength pieces. Daily I’m still striving forward on my journey.

Recognizing my food issues creeping back is me being more aware of my body. I’m adding back in my protein shakes in the morning as well as chicken in the morning to try to get my protein as high as I can before noon, then eating salads for lunch and an early light dinner. I’m also going to go back to tracking my food again to help keep me aligned with my calorie goal of 1500 and  90g protein. 

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