I say it every week it seems like, celebrating the small successes! Lifestyle choices as well as consistency is paying off for me. I know I’m in alignment, even though at times I struggle with eating enough calories. But, when I see my numbers jump; it’s really the simple things that put a smile on my face. 

A: I had a little bit of knee discomfort with the SLRESS, I just stuck with the same weight since there was some discomfort. 

B: Holy smokes batman, I went up 13#s from last week on my BP! Last week I could barely do 97.5 for two and today I did 110! 

C: I probably could have gone up to the 80# FW, but I didn’t want to push my back picking them up. My back is feeling better, but don’t want to push it. 

D: Planks…embrace the! I started sucking in my gut and squeezing my glutes and even though I did them from my knees, I still got a lot out of it. 

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