The last couple of nights I’ve slept with every light on in the house. Today after sleeping most of the day, I am putting my foot down and taking back my fear. It’s not anything I can just do instantly, it’s a process. Tonight I have on my loft light and bathroom light. I’m not ready to go back to sleeping with my mask over my eyes but baby steps and I’m sure I’ll get back to that one day. 

I can say my dog is protective. He hadn’t left my side through this whole thing. He’s very good at barking when he hears noises I don’t. As I’ve learned to become aware of my body, im learning to become aware of the typical sounds my house makes. Like the uneven beats of the fan and the dripping sounds of the air conditioner and the sounds of my neighbors cats running up and down the metal stairs. 

Tonight I used a combination of oils for natural stress reduction. It didn’t help last night but it certainly did help tonight. I don’t feel like I have as much anxiety that I did last night. Day by day I’ll take back my fears. I am looking at getting an alarm system too.
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