The last couple of weeks I’ve been nursing a back injury. It is disc related and wow, so painful. Sometimes I think God has a funny sense of humor-he puts so many things on my plate and then watches to see how I do. While at times it appears I’m only holding on by a string, I try to keep my words and thoughts positive.

I hate not being able to train, I slowly feel like all my hard work is slipping away. I had tried to do some upper body work but stupid little things like push-ups hurt. My moral is low the past few days with the events of the weekend and pain kicking my butt. While I feel down in the dumps, I’m thankful my cruise is coming up! I’m hoping getting away for the week will refresh me and allow me to tackle the world again.

Rogue has been keeping me company this week, he’s my little shadow. If I have to be grounded, he’s the perfect buddy to hang with.
In Strength-



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