I just got back from a cruise…while I was in physical pain the entire time I still managed to have fun. The best part was being in the ocean swimming with the fishes..that was the only moment I felt no pain. The water took the pressure away of walking and being on my feet. If I could only swim everywhere I’d be in a lot less pain.  


I went with my travel club. Being on a tight budget and still being able to travel is great. My cruise for 6 days 5 nights was $69! Each month the company does $69 cruises, message me for details.

My body is literally falling apart. Walking and sitting are painful, sleeping in my bed have become painful too. Simple movements like twisting make life more challenging. Then to top it off my lymphatic system is inflamed and my thyroid are making all my hard work go down the drain. In a year I’ve gained 73 pounds and it hasn’t been because I sat around my house eating chips and ice cream. My body has just crapped out. 

I wonder if having Erhlos-Danlos has caused other autoimmune diseases to activate. I have Hashimoto Disease and I’m wondering what else I have battling inside my body. I feel like my body is dying, a slow tortuous death. I have a high pain tolerance level but each day my pain gets greater and harder to manage. 

My dog knows I’m not having good days because he is by my side constantly. He lays beside me or rests his head on me. Rogue keeps me company as I lay on my back with my feet against the wall, it seems to be a good position that takes the pressure down-helping to release some pain. 

I’ve learned to ignore people’s stares and comments. I have been the big girl with a pretty face for most of my life. While I’m not where I want to be, I have a sliver of hope that I’ll get back to where I want to be down the line. I have a world renowned team of doctors and coaches that are by my side through this rough patch…one day I’ll have a great story to share. 


Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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