Trudging Through the Swamp


It’s been awhile since I’ve written partially because I wasn’t training and wasn’t sure what to write and the other part because I’ve been working on ME. The last month I’ve been doing EVOX and have had tremendous growth through the process. That blog post will be done this week. 

Through my journey back to health it’s been a process at which times I’ve wanted to jump ship. We’ve all heard that quote,  “Get comfortable with uncomfortable”. This is where I’ve been for the past month and a half. I’ve have a few friends who have given me tough love and challenged me to stick with it and not “run” to a new place. I value you the tough love a lot, sticking with it and digging my anchors in when the wind is whipping around is hard, but I’m doing it. I’m learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s not an easy thing to do but I am pushing onward. 

Today was a big taxing day for my body. I got back in the gym for the first time in almost two months. My strength isn’t where it used to be understandably and I felt a little creeky (tight), but I missed my OPEX family and it was so nice to be back. While I’ve been working on my lifestyle balance I have missed my OPEX puzzle piece to balance everything out. 

I was a little conservative with weight today since it had been so long. I went lighter on all my weights just didn’t want to overdue anything. My back felt good, I had a little discomfort on the Assault Bike during warm-up. I might switch to the Watt bike for warm-up instead–thoughts? 

The dead bugs I will do this afternoon. I ran out of time.

I had my post detox meeting with Dr. Drobot. I lost 5 pounds on my detox–mostly water. Science is incredible! My allergy test came back with a whole boatload of foods not to eat. Even though they aren’t high on the classification scale he still wants me to omit them for a month. But there is something still causing inflammation in my body so he’s going to do another allergy test that is more extensive from foods, to food dyes, to allergens. Then I’m also going to do Neurological Feedback as well…yes a blog post will be done on that as well. 😊 

I’m going back to teaching in the fall, a school found me that aligns to my values and my teaching values. I’m a kinethetic learner and teacher, I love project based learning while incorporating technology. I love  having the freedom to teach differently-“outside the box”. We all get groceries but we each have different ways of getting them. The method is different but the results are the same. 

I’m trudging through the swamp with seeing glimmers of light on the other side. I’m learning to accept myself for where I am on this journey and not be so hard on myself.


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