I had my first session of Nurofeedback today. Going into it I had planned on hitting the gym after for my afternoon workout but I was wiped out. Neurofeedback is the brain equivalent of physical exercises, and the most common side effect of physical exercise is that you get tired. I came home from my appointment and slept for about three hours. After I got up I still didn’t have much energy.

While brain training is in many ways similar to physical training, the brain expresses the side effects of training differently than the body does. The fatigue feels much like the mental tiring after learning a complex mental skill, or the exhaustion felt after speaking a non-fluent language.  

The brain is the seat of our emotional selves, so people with emotional conditions occasionally report an increase of old familiar emotions (or past symptoms) before the difficulty passes away and the issue fades out for good. It’s a bit like going to the gym and feeling that old injury acting up, revealing what’s beneath.

For me I’ve had a brain injury and quickly discovered my brain is sensitive to the treatment. I experienced nausea and got a headache as I ‘re-regulate’ my brain function. 

I am looking forward to continuing to learn about the process as I move onward through this process. 


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