Put me first

This year is about a total transformation for me. From the cellular level to mental and physical self. Learning to have a lifestyle balance which will evoke my journey as I continue to progress onward. 

I recently had some food allergy tests done and then had the big daddy of them all the ALCAT. Instead of freaking out because I can’t eat chicken or pork…my go-to foods I’m trying to learn new combinations. Okay, so when I saw the list all I could think was WTF am I supposed to eat! For 6-months I’m going to avoid these foods but I knew I needed extra support. Today I hired a nutrition coach to help keep me accountable as well as to help put together the food combinations, macros, and fuel I need in order to progress and gain strength. After seeing my InBody results today I know in order to be where I want to be I need to lose 50% of my body weight which will put me at about 140 pounds. It may be realistic to have a goal of 100 pounds lose and then reasses. The last time I lost this kind of weight I did it the unhealthy way, this time I will be monitored by coaches and doctors to ensure the correct balance is being maintained.

My training today: 

A. DB chest press; 3-5 x 4; rest 2 min

30×5, 35×4, 40×3, 40×3 I had a spot on the last rep of the set. 

B. Prone row; 3-5 x 4; rest 2 min

65×5, 85×4, 105×3, 105×3

C1. Goblet squat to a box; 5,5,5; rest 1 min

52, 52, 62

I could have gone a little heavier, I had a hard time getting the KB up into a hold without taking out body parts. I smack my self in the chest really hard last week with it. 

C2. Glute bridge hold x 30 sec; rest 2 min

D. Tricep rope kick down; 10,10,10,10; rest 1 min

60, 70, 70, 70 (hvy)

Burn baby burn! 70 was really heavy at the end today.

E. AD 10 min EASY
I’m starting to finally adjust to evening trainings. Obviously I’d rather go in the morning but, my energy levels are coming together. I had a great EVOX session this afternoon and reached another releasing pattern. Things are starting to finally come together. I know the year is halfway over, but I see big changes coming! My end of the year goal is to be down 50 pounds. 


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