Excited & Scared

I did before on my own the unhealthy way this time I’m going to do it again for the last time. I’ve always struggled with my weight my lowest at 110 pounds my highest at 330. I had my InBody done this week and found out I have 135 pounds of lean muscle mass, the goal weight is 180. 

I got my food plan from my nutrition coach and I about fell over. It scares the crap out of me to eat 2300 calories a day. I know deep down my body is in starvation mode and that is why I’m packing on the pounds instead of losing them…but seeing that number makes want to freak the f@&k out! I know for my health I need to keep calm, stay relaxed, and just trust. I have some issues with trust but I am slowly learning.

I do know that I have a great support system around and I just need to reach out and ask. 😊 Also hard for me to ask for help…but I’m learning that too.

I know that this year is halfway over but I just have a great feeling about the second half of the year. Great things are coming ahead and I just need to be positive and take a day at a time.



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My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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