From Green to Red



Our bodies are mysterious and scientific experiments, at least mine is. So, I have been staying away from my allergy foods but the last few days of eating on my new plan my gut is super irritated. I pretty much have a limited amounts of food/drinks that I can already have and now you are forcing me out of other foods—WTF! Technology is really cool at the Bio Med Center, we have a thing called the Zyto Scan. It was able to read my body and tell what organs aren’t functioning to their upmost ability and what foods are pissing off my system.

Thank goodness I have a really awesome guy that does my nutrition for me because I would be lost of how to get in my macros and calories each day! Sometimes I get so mad at my body wondering why the heck it is rejecting these foods, but more than not I am just super grateful for the team I work with that is able to be on this journey with me. On the plus side I did lose 3 pounds in the first four days!

I haven’t been able to find much science and research around why my body is rejecting these foods. It is teaching me to become uuber aware of what I put into my mouth and on my body and use in my home. I did move to a condo with all tile…it is so amazing to wake up and be able to breathe through my nose and not feel totally congested all the time.

On a side bar note….This new home is the most like the home I gave up in Florida to come to Arizona to follow my journey out here. I even have a mini-backyard area that I am looking forward to putting in a small lawn area and maybe even a garden. The space is about six feet long and three feet wide, rectangular shape.

Become aware of your surroundings daily, take time to notice something new that you’ve never noticed before. Live in the moment!


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