First Day

One thing that was different for me today is I walked in the room with confidence and with feelings of strength. My principal was singing my praises to the other staff at my new school on how I was going to be a great asset in the school. They briefly asked me how I’d feel about a leadership role when they hired me…so perhaps making a point to introduce me to the Superintendent, other key figures, and teachers at my school was just the beginning of something great. One thing I know for sure, I have a really good feeling about this year!

I’m definitely going to need to food prep though, I can’t eat out at Whole Foods every night! I’m not sure what was more tired, my butt or my brain! Sitting for almost 8 hours about killed me..I tried to drink more water so I had a reason to get up and walk around! I came home and ate and loved on Rogue. Then I went out to explore my neighborhood! DC Ranch makes you want to walk and enjoy nature! There are paths everywhere that cut through the beautiful terrain. I’ve seen rabbits, Bobcats, and a really beefy coyote! Pretty sure the coyote is chowing down on protein..rabbits. He’s huge!! 

I’m bummed because my housing fell through for the CrossFit games, I just don’t have the extra money to spend for a hotel. Thank goodness for technology unless I can find a couch/floor to sleep on! 

I tried to stay up till the sunset, but I’m pooped…heading to bed early! I know tomorrow is my training day! I’m going to come home..let Rogue out..OPEX..then dinner and bed. Hopefully I’m less tired tomorrow night!

In Strength-



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