It’s not about being perfect, it is about effort. Every single day transformation is happening in my life and some days it may be a small transformation while other days it is huge. Each day even though I may stumble and fall I become a little bit stronger and know the next time I will be better prepared for the journey that is to come.

This week was the first week of teacher training for me. The first few days were really rough especially with having to sit and concentrate on a speaker for six hours each day. The best part about Tuesday is that we got our laptops for the school year! I got to meet some fantastic people from my new school and then met others from the district as well. I forgot how hard the beginning of the year is to set up all your systems for a smooth running school year. I know if I put the hard work now and get things set up the way I want it, then the year will run more smoothly.

This was the second week of my nutrition plan and it wasn’t a good week at all. I decided to give the coffee another try and then the first two days I had a terrible upset stomach. It was a good excuse to run to the bathroom,,,sometimes literally run! Then eating the rest of those days were spotty because I just didn’t feel good. I actually broke down and had a Coke on Tuesday afternoon to try and settle my stomach. I figured that was better than taking a bunch of Imodium. Wednesday I discovered Panera is less than 10 minutes from work, so my co-workers and I headed over there for salads. Then Thursday we did salads again from Panera. I started the Yerba Matte by Caveman and it is pretty good actually, I really like and so does my stomach. I am going to have to get a small fridge, magic bullet blender, and take a container of protein in for the classroom so I can be successful with getting my extra shakes in.

Rob- I’d like to do one more week on the same plan in order to have a better start. I know I am losing inches though because I have things that I couldn’t fit into before and now they fit or that I used to wear tight and now they aren’t as tight. I will start back to food prepping on Sundays so I can be successful on this phase of my journey.

Mike- training this week was focused on lifestyle and getting used to being back to work 40+ hours after a long time of not working. I made the mistake of coming home before going to OPEX. I sat down on the couch one day for a few minutes and woke up 3 hours later. I am learning to listen to my body more. On days I am exhausted would it be good to just go in and do RTW instead of heavy training? I am going to start packing my gym clothes so I have them with me for the week and I can come straight there. I have started leaving Rogue out of his crate and loose in the house on gym days and he does great.

Even though I have great coaching in you both, I know that you give me the tools and I do the hard work. I am continually working on consistency in my life. I have two more weeks of teacher meetings and by the kids come back to school on the 10th of August I will completely into my routine. I will also be not bringing teacher work home on the weekends after school starts. There is just a bunch of systems I have to get in place the next few weeks but I know I will rock this year teaching, training, and getting to a stronger and healthier me!



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