Listening and being aware


First of all a funny to get this started because going into a brand new math curriculum with Common Core is going to be a challenge…sometimes you just have to laugh, shake your head, and follow the teacher’s instruction guide.

The past two weeks for me have been learning to really listen to my body and become aware of keeping my stress levels down and listening to what my body needs. The first week back to teachers meetings I came home and crashed each night. I just finished the second week of full day teacher meetings and I am drained but not as bad as I was before. You don’t realize how much their is to do to set up a classroom at the beginning of the year unless you are a teacher or have one in your life. I have spent over $500 already getting stuff for my room that the school doesn’t provide in order to have a successful year. I do really love the art of teaching its just the other stuff that is stressful.  But I am learning from past mistakes of teaching in order to have a more balanced and less stressful year.

I got in a training day this week, first one in two weeks. It has taken a long time for my body to heal and all the pieces are finally starting to come together again. I am thankful for a great coach!

A: Box squat 2-3 x5; r3m 115×2, 135×2, 145×2, 155×2, 160×2 The felt kind of wonky, I did them to the 18 inch box, not sure if I was too close to the box or out of practice.

B: Grav pull up 6,5,4 rest as needed 225,210,210 The 210 is tough, I did have to break up the 5 and 4 a little bit, but I got through them.

C: DB incline chest press 3-5×4 r 2-3m 30×5, 35×4, 40×3, 40×3 I wish we had a slight increase above 40. The 45 is too heavy for me to do without a spot.

Didn’t get to D/E due to exhaustion. I am going to do Thursday afternoon’s session tomorrow morning since we don’t have to be at school tomorrow. I have been going to be the last couple nights by 8:30PM. Last night I fell asleep at 4 and woke up at 7, ate a little dinner and then back to bed at 8pm.

I am listening to my body and being aware of its needs. I’ve worked too hard with Doc to push the exhaustion and cortisol levels and bring all the hard work on this year down over whether or not I got to the gym. On the nights I am just too exhausted or in pain like today I go for an extra long walk with Rogue. I live in a community with a fun little “market” area with restaurants, shops, and a nice park.

Learning your body by becoming more aware of its needs and make that part of your lifestyle.

In Strength-Juls


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