Count your blessings 

If it’s one thing I’ve been reminded of the last few days it’s to be thankful for the blessings in my life. You and I are able to hit the gym, have access to a multitude of restaurants and food, have roofs over our heads and the resources to get our needs and some wants accomplished. I have been feeling especially blessed the last few weeks because I finally found a school that I don’t have to fit into the mold, I can be my own unique individual. 

As a teacher I’ve had my own list of bad experiences. I used to have people come in my room and they always found something negative to say there was never any positive. I got to the point that I’d have anxiety attacks when they’d come in, one day I got so light headed I had to sit down, of course I got in trouble for that. But, my administration at my new school is totally different-they are positive and encouraging it’s definitely a team driven environment. Of course I’m still not used to people coming in and I get super nervous but the positivity is starting to put me at ease. 

Today I got back to OPEX for training. It’s been a struggle finding the right balance but I did it today. Even though I was tired going into my workout, it ended up being pretty good. 

A: I may have been able to go heavier but I didn’t want to push my back. I need new lifters, my feet were on fire it was a concentration battle. For 4 at tempo I was happy with 145. 

B: 225 was tough. My right shoulder still feels a little funky at times when I do these. 

C: again right shoulder blade pinching…getting!

5 sets: thanks for this little conditioning piece at the end. I did each round at 1:30. I used the 18-inch step up for them. I discovered if I rotate my hip out at a ninety degree angle then step up forward to is easier and takes pressure off my knees. 

I’m still going to do the Garage Games Masters competition in October and Dec. 31st. I will register on Friday. It also full fils my ambassador too.


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