For the first time in a week and a half I’ve had more energy in the afternoon and have felt stronger than I have in awhile. I had some slight adjustments in my diet and I’m starting to fall back into my teaching routine. It put a smile on my face this afternoon to feel stronger in the gym. 

I tend to easily get caught up on the numbers, but today in the gym the more plates I put on the more excited I got. Last time I remember my 1RM Back Squat was 175. Today I did 180 at a 30×1 tempo for 3. I was curious if I was getting stronger it looks like the answer is yes. Last week I did the same tempo for 4 and I got 145, so subtract 1 rep and add 35#s I’ll take that.

It took me quite awhile to build in low sets, I may have built a little slow today. I went 3 each time and took a 2-3 minute rest in between. I kind of fell into a zone and just really enjoyed myself. I didn’t get to finish though because I did run out of time. 

Training today:

On the Grav pull ups I wanted to push heavy but they got a little dicey at the end. My right shoulder felt funky after 4 on the last set so I stopped.

On the Arnold I’m getting a pulling sensation in my left hip when I’m on my right side. I did do all 3 sets, forget to write down the last one which was 12.5×6/a.

I believe the increase in protein and having a big chunk of my calories done early fuel me better. I was super thirsty most of the day and drank almost two gallons of water! 😊

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