Car trip, CrossFit, and Cowboys 

Wow! Today was certainly the most adventurous thing I’ve done since I’ve lived here. I was on the road at 0530 this morning headed for Prescott. The moon was definitely beautiful! It’s about a 2 hour drive up the mountain to about 5200ft.  
I went to Prescott to do the Granite Mountain Hot Shots memorial WOD. It was great to see part of my OPEX community at the event.


I scaled mine the rest of these guys did Rx. The WOD was 6 rounds for time 30 squats, 19 power cleans, 7 strict, and a 400m run. After the first round I threw up so I decided to modify the rest of it. I did 15 squats, 10 KBS, 7 strict ring rows, and kept the 400m the same. The killer was the 400m, the drive way goes uphill enough to make the trek back dicey. I got through 4 rounds plus  28 reps in the 45 minute time cap. Of course my body let me know I pushed hard because I threw up at the end too. The altitude made it extra challenging and my asthma reared its ugly head too. It took me close to 3 hours to stop sweating and feeling like I was going to pass out. Next year I will stay Saturday night up there. It was very taxing driving up/back with the WOD. 

I managed to make it home in time to be sick a third time. I know from experience my body has a tendency to react this way to exertion in heat. I drank a lot of water and some electrolytes. I did have a Gatorade too, that helped me feel normal again. A cold shower, food, and a nap gave me enough energy to go to my evening event.

I had a cowboy dinner/fundraising event from church in New River. I threw on my cowboy boots and headed for my second adventure of the day! It was great to be back in the country again. Nothing beats the smell of manure, dirt, and fresh air. I bought some raffle tickets and won the prize I wanted, a steer head! I’m going to create a rustic wall in my condo for my trickets. 

It was a beautiful evening; lighting all around, lots of clouds, and a cool breeze to boot!   
Some oldtimer asked me if I was going to use it as a door knocker! Lol! I love cattle..!

Needless to say I’m exhausted! Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow. 

Happy Trails! 


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