When can you truly say that you’re too tired to go workout?! I’ve been working on lifestyle balance lately and that involves really taking time to be aware and listen to the needs of my body. Some days I can barely make the drive home I’m so exhausted and other days I’m tired but better than my worse day. I try not to over tax my body on the tired days, but getting my training sessions in usually energizes me. 

I knew I had 1 heavy set of 1 box squats coming this week and I really wanted to know it out of the ballpark. While I don’t feel today was a strong PR, I do feel like I’m getting stronger and making gains. I went up 10 pounds today and I noticed that it took me less sets to get to the final number. I’m being more aggressive with my weight building and not doubting myself as much. 

Training today:

I had been having some lower back discomfort during the day today with training. I didn’t notice it as much till the Arnolds, just sort of annoying pain. I hit a wall about halfway through the first set of Gravitron pull-ups. I knew after what I did Saturday I could do anything…but it took a lot out of me to get through C today. I know my lower back is bugging me more because my heels are bugging me as well. Perhaps it’s time to splurge on a pair of Met-Cons. I’ve been wearing the same shoes for over three years for training.

All in all, I’m happy with my 1 heavy at 210. I know that I’m right on track to hit 250 by the end of the year!

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