Piecing together 

👆🏼 I thought this was appropriate for the season I’m in.

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again the road to healing my body has been a slow process but there is a light at the end of the tunnel that shines a little brighter. I sat down with doc and told him I thought it was time to start on some natural thyroid medicine and he agreed. I’ve tried everything under the sun to heal it naturally but no dice. He asked me when the last time I was able to lose weight and I said when I was on ADHD medicine. So I started taking a low dose of a thyroid medicine that is naturally based.

You know when you’re at the end of your pre-WOD, maybe you didn’t workout for as much as you took that’s the feeling I feel from time to time during the day. I had a little bit (a tall) iced green tea this afternoon and it gave me a boost of energy that will last me for hours. I have a little more energy the past day and I’m more focused too. I find myself being able to recall things a little more easily then a few days ago. Doc said I’ll notice a true change in a week, I’m looking forward to that!

In a week I’m starting back to school to finish my Doctorate in Behavior Health & Education. The brain fascinates me and through my own journey I believe this will be a life changing step. I’m hoping next year I can step out of the classroom and into an intervention coach position in either my school or one close to me. I will be done May 2018 or earlier. 

I know the pieces will continue to fall together slowly. Great change doesn’t happen overnight, great change takes time, determination, and perseverance. 


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