Sweat it out!



After being sick for about two weeks it felt great today to get in and sweat it out. Today I really just relaxed and got into a groove with the “Around the World”. I wasn’t thinking about anything else that is going on I simply was in the place of solitude and letting go while I moved through the design. I couldn’t find the specific pattern of movements that my coach wanted me to do, I just remember it was to get in and do the RTW for 30 minutes.


Round the World

1m AB

1m Row

30s FLR

1m AB

1m RW


I was able to do a combination of Rx FLRs and then on my knees. I can only hold the Rx for 10s and then I went to the knees with feet off the ground. It felt really good to bike and row today too. I kept everything at a good steady pace so I didn’t blow myself out of the water but a pace that I was able to maintain for the entire 30 minutes.



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