I’ve haven’t been as consistent with blogging my training days lately, I’ve been just sending to my coach instead. Writing is my way of releasing and I know if I release my thoughts about each session I’ll get more efficient. This weekend I did the OPTathlon 7.0 and had a great time doing it. I’ve been at peace the last few days and have been stress free which feels amazing for my body.

A little recap of OPTathlon 7.0, the only comparison I could see gains from 5.0 was in the Clean & Jerk. Two years ago I couldn’t get 65 pounds overhead and had to scale it to 55 pounds. On Saturday I got 105 overhead for the CJ! One compliment I got with a tip is you move pretty athletically, that felt good to hear. I’ve been working hard and it’s been a slow process but it is finally starting to come together. On the broad jump I did 3’9″, I know as I continue to get stronger and lose weight this will become better. The 201 I did RX except for the double unders, I don’t have those yet. I was proud of myself for what I was able to do. The burpees and the wall balls were the hardest for me. While the HPC were heavy, I enjoyed the challenge. Finally the 10 minute AB for calories, I did at 40% just nice and easy to get blood flowing-44 calories. 


Today I had a friend that I train with call me on my tempo..I knew it was a little fast. I appreciated it, it’s getting that constructive criticism that makes us stronger. I went back and did 4 for the ones that were 3 instead of 5. I didn’t go as heavy since I’m not squating to a box, plus it was higher reps. I didn’t realize how sore my upper body was until I got into the second part of today. At the end today I pushed myself on the DB RDLs, 45 pounds! I probably could have gone to 50 but getting them off the rack was a little harder than I thought. 


On the Grav pull ups, I did the right way with my thumb wrapped around the bar instead of hanging out on top. Sore is good…I wasn’t able to get to 210, if I had lower reps I probably could have. 

I had a couple of noticings the past few days:

Saturday I fueled my body right before and after and I didn’t get sick like I have in the past from pushing myself.

I’m starting to be more open and working on developing my community of friends. Which is giving me peace and calmness.

Today after neurofeedback and a nap I felt recharged to go in and train.

My gut feels better when I’m vegan, I’m not hungry and I have good energy levels.

Guided meditation is a great way to end the day!


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