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The last month and a half my body has been fighting hard to regain strength and wellness. With having an autoimmune disease my body takes your normal cold or infection and it takes residence in my body until it is ready to move on or it is kicked out. For the last month and an a half I have been fighting to get this infection out of my body. If I wasn’t at the doctor getting an IV treatment, I was at home sleeping. Most days I slept about 15 hours during the day, only waking to eat something little, and go to the bathroom. It was scary and the little voice in my head didn’t help me get better as quickly as I hoped. Yes, I have been sick a lot but I am so thankful for the amazing team of doctors I have that provide natural treatments to help me get back on my feet again.

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to go through Landmark Forum, it changed my life. I truly believe since I have gotten out of my way and been set free of some major life hurts that my health took a turn for the better. I really can’t explain what I got out of the forum besides being released of hurts I had been carrying around for most of my life. Besides the many breakthroughs I had, I also so my life in a new light and whatever possibility I create can come true. Nothing like being given a whole new life. My possibility that I created for myself is the possibility to love/be loved, strong, powerful, genuine, and financially secure. In a week and a half I am taking the advanced course, I know great things are in my future. Check out Landmark:

I just got back to training for the first time this week in over a month. One thing my docs had a realization about is that the inflammation in my body could be due to my high glucose levels. So, for this week I am to do cardio and no weights and then next week no cardio and only weights while monitoring my glucose levels around workouts. On Monday, I actually went up a point in glucose levels from pre to post partially due to the fact I didn’t pace myself how I was supposed to. I was to do two 10 minute AMRAPs and I blew the first one out at 80% because I was excited to be back. My lungs still aren’t back 100% yet either, it took me almost 8 minutes to get my breath to go onto the second one. Yesterday, I went down 21 points from pre to post, keeping myself at the correct pace-using the RPMs to monitor my Z1. My left shoulder is a little sore today from the dips. I had a scary moment on the grav machine, I almost didn’t make it back up on the last dip, it was a struggle like I have never experienced before.


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